on 4.21.07, daxi

wnt for a drive w/my parents on this saturday (april 21st) afternoon to daxi (saddam beach)

found many dead puffer fish on shore

makes me quite sad...
how short existence is,
live well, be happy


hiking and crazy sat nite.

(fotos here r provided by eve)
i woke up (after just 3.5 hrs of sleep) to go hiking w/a few frnds (9 of us). i was running late, my alarm didn't go off, cuz i set it on my cell and left it in the living room! so, i rushed out, packing only water, ate nothing, didn't kno the weather, so had on shorts n tanktop and a simple thin long sleeves, forgot my hair clip n socks too. very well prepared hike. luckily, some ppl were later than me, so i was able to buy pb sandwich at the 7/11 outside the danshuei mrt station. ate 1/2 of it and saved the rest for the hike.

everyone else was so well prepared with the proper clothes and everything!
this was a long long hike w/real trails.

ppl on the hike: eve, jenny, patricia, howard, anthony, shan, starr, elaina?, me.

since it has been raining so much in tpe, it's also very muddy, slippery.
so green everywhere. (post fotos later when i hv my computer back)
very beautiful but tiring hike. we went in one side of the mountain and came out at the other end into yang ming mountain, national park nearly 4 hours later! incredible.
eve slipped on her ass at one point, i nearly did too.
the weather was overcast n humid, but then towards the end, we ended up w/drizzle.
we were all starved and had eaten all our snacks and drank all the water. but the restaurant at this little town tht grows calle lily (my fav)was soooooooooooo worth it.

or was it just because we were all raving mad hungry and cold from the rain (rain by now) the 9 of us shared 13 dishes and managed to wolf it all down.

the return trip was horrible tho, cuz we had to wait out in the rain for the minibus tht takes us to the mrt station at the bottom of hill in beito. no rain here tho. it was nearly 5 by the time i got home to shower n nap.
then at 7.30 we all met up at eve's to go n eat at the california grill's grand opening. it's a little shop making flame broiled burgers, american style. but the place has ventilation problems, so it was so smokey inside, and jenny's flatmates (over of the shop) were beat from cooking all day, we were their last orders and took it home to eat. it was yummy enough. but not like wht we missed at home, carl's jr or in-n-out! not tht's real burgers.
we continued on to josh's going away party at a pub. cheap drinks here.
then it's carnegies calling us. wht a meat market this place is. packed n smokey. very bad music. but it's very fun when u'r plastered. great place to watch ppl from everywhere here. ther was a really cute guy i wanted to dance with. i think he did too. but... cary thinks he was intimidated cuz i was w/so many ppl.
by 2, everyone started to leave. more food for some, but anna n her brother tom wanted to continue. so i wnt w/them to vibe n stayed out til 5? or later? cuz the sky was def up. we then had to go nybagel shop. i fell asleep eating my bagel. i dunno how anna n tom managed to wolf their food down. i can barely eat. then i wnt home to my lonely bed.
i was still dizzy when i woke up to eat lunch w/my parents.
i miss clubbing in LA w/great music tht u can dance to all nite.
room 18 sux.
eden closed
mos is too far.
luxy too posey n pricey


children of men

it's sat nite, everyone is out and about town in taipei. somewher to go, someone to c, something to do.
victor (my brother) & i decided to lay low and watch movies at home.
the beauties of technology.

CHILDREN OF MEN is a great movie, released sometimes last year, but no one saw it. not many ppl hv even heard of it.

it's one to add to the must watch list.
a bit depressing yet ther's hope in the end.

baby monkey, sophie!

baby monkey, sophie rotstein was born last week.
i wish i had been nearby to visit her.
this and more fotos r taken by henry the head monkey.
i miss nyc! i miss my frnds!
well, now tht i'm a little heart broken by taipei, it's time for me to go go away again.
nyc is next stop for me i believe.
time for me to go ther and keep my promise of designing the cookbook too.



just finally got to watch AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH today on the large screen. they're showing it for free everyday at the eslite bookstore's film room.
i feel very helpless.
how do i do something about it?
only the little things i can think of.
like bringing my own chopsticks out when i eat out.
look at all the coffee cups!
the sleeves we throw away.
the plastic bags.
the paper waste.
the food. everything just adds up day by day.
this is one person.

imagine 6 billion!

it freezes me.

i hope, the little tht i can save will somehow help.

loneliness vs alone

the air pressure around me is shifting. some days, i just feel very much alone, even tho i'm surrounded by ppl i love. but i kno i'm not alone. so is this the loneliness that's gripping my heart?



so different shanghai is today than i remember over 10 yrs ago when i visited. so much has changed. practically everything! wnt ther for a short visit, and i was amazed how many frnds hv moved or will b moving ther. crazy glamourous lifestyles ther.
i've mixed feeling about this place.
i wonder where it's going to.
the sleeping dragon that woke up nearly 20 yrs ago, where r u headed?
it's scary & exciting.
the old and the new all mixed together, growing & expanding ever so steadily & fast. do i c myself here? not sure. so many hv dived into it & embraced it. so many are resisting it's lure.


wedding in the afternoon

As usual, i ended up getting lost in taipei driving somewhere. this time, however, my sister was driving, with the aid of GPS, we still manage to get lost for nearly 1/2 hr! the good part of weddings in taiwan is that everything runs behind schedule.

so we still had time to visit the bride & groom in their suites getting ready, take some fotos, and head to the ballroom.
this is a brand new hotel called Victoria in Neihu area, by the Miramar dept store area. perhaps it's their lack of experience, the dishes all came out with huge delays.

this is a very fun wedding tho, lots of friends.
mickey & flora have so many friends.
very fun ppl

they r a very cute couple, i'm so happy for flora & mickey.


tpe MOCA

looking at this bldg, left over from japanese era. i really love it more than its content. the show called second skin, quite disappointed. but great bldg! red bricks is still the best for taiwan's weather n conditions.

missing chris...

last nite, we ate at the eslite tearoom, 3rd floor. helena is back from LA. just waiting for chris to b here in taipei, n it'd b a girlz' world! missing chris.
and maggie, where r u?

finished, u think? +1 more...

anyone think this is done?
not sure. but i def need to go over it w/a coating to prevent peeling. this is acrylic afterall.

this is the re-start of the next 1, white with gold paint.
and the previous layer of work sort of showing thru as background.
i want the history of the painting process to show thru.


kite surfing & beach house weekend.

call it kite surfing, flysurfing or kiteboarding, but it's fun!!!!!
well, i was sort of scared about it before i headed south to tainan this past weekend for a 2 day lesson at TKS (taiwan kite surfing). i mean i'm not a strong swimmer, and i barely surf, can do some boogy board, not a very athletic person overall... plus i've seen amazing fotos of what people do on kiteboarding sites. all this made me wonder if i can even begin to imagine doing this sport! they say u don't hv to know how to surf, cuz it's very different sport! it's tru!

the instructors at TKS were amazing. they explain the whole thing about the kite, the wind, the gears. and then u learn to fly kites. from the smaller practice sizes (so u can figure out the wind) to flying actual kites. then u learn to fly it in the water (body draggin)... well, that's as far as i got. i've not conquered the kite just yet. plus, i really do think 14 meters kite is a bit large for me (for my wt, i only need to use a 5 meter in strong wind condition). i can barely control the pull n the weight! n one wrong move, n i'm lifting off the water or the ground! quite scary. with this bit said, when i succeeded in keeping the kite above the water, it was an amazing feeling flying in the water, being dragged by the kite. the speed and the feeling of lifting from the water n moving thru it. wow! very different the surfing and riding the waves which is also very fun. or even wind surfing. tho my muscles ache now....

and i broke i kite :-( (well, not actually my fault! it fell onto the sand where the was a pc of broken glass from locals who party n trashes the beach!)

it's an expensive sport, and so far only about 5 or 6 women in taiwan does it. but i like it a lot!!! i want to learn some more.
they say 80% of this sport is learning to control the kite n understanding about the wind. so i guess i'll hv to arrange time to go n learn n practice more.
it is dangerous sport.
they said 200ppl were killed last year doing the sport, so understanding the safety part is crucial to this sport, ur environment and the wind current. and not do stupid things.
i saw for myself how dangerous it was.
i was learning to use the larger kites and camil was behind me. lending me his weight n pull, keeping me from flying off. but i accidentally pulled the bar n flew out forward, n he wasn't able to keep his hold on me. i dragged him forward w/me n when he lost hold of me, i tumbled forward. lucky i had helmet on, else i'd b in hospital... OUCH! tht bump on my head really hurt!
tho nothing was as bad as Anton's case... this guy we met kitesurfing ther from austria (ok, kitesurfers r all very nice community of ppl, very friendly n helpful)
anyway, he was flying his kite on the sand, waiting for stronger winds. n he tried jumping. he succeeded, but then the wind carried him higher than he intended n he lost control it. he flew up nearly 12 ft? n came down falling on his back. no helmet (he's been doing this for over 3 years) he seemed fine when he came to sit w/us after he landed. but... after lunch we came back to find that he's lost his short term memory. he has no clue how he fell. he kept asking us if we saw his fall n how high he was... wher his things were. it was a little like that movie momento.
he wnt to the hospital later on n he was ok, but a concussion, but wow, dangerous.
never go kitesurfing alone either!

anyway, the rest of the weekend was amazing.
driving down to tainan, i had a taste of how bad the traffic in taiwan on vacation weekend can get (this is also weekend of spring scream, spring break music festival in kenting, which i went last year w/rob n other friends)
we were stuck in traffic for hours.
on a normal day, driving to chung hwa, just south of taichung, wd take 3 hours tops? it took us nearly 5 hours!!!! Morgan & wife (Grace) gave camil n i a ride down ther and we met up w/Chris & wife + baby at his parents' house ther. then another 3 or so to arrive in tainan. we stayed at a hotel called WELLCOME, 1180 per nite for 2 ppl. not bad. tho u can tell, it's also a "rest" hotel... cuz by the bed ther's a little kit for guests... with dental picks, cotton swabs n codoms in it.. (hmmmm...) but it's clean n includes in-room breakfast (chinese or western style)
one nite we ate stincky tofu for dinner from right outside our hotel and gone back to pass out. on the second nite we ate at the dadong nite market, yummy foods. so many stalls of just food!!! not much shopping, it's great. and cheap. i think i ate everything possible that nite. it's good i can share food with ppl. else i'd hv one thing n b done w/for the nite.
nearby the nite market, ther's some nice mix use apt-like bldgs reminding me a lot of the nice apt bldgs in LA/OC areas. very neat and organised. all the shops on first floor have very unified signages. good use of outdoor space. too bad it's in tainan, else i'd totally get a unit for myself.

on sat, camil n i hv to cut our lessons a little short to catch the plane for taipei at 6:10. lucky for us, jenn showed up at the beach n took us to the airport. got ther in no time n after chk-in, we all sat in the airport cafe and had a little snack & coffee n chatted for a bit. she's got interesting job in tainan, working for the mayor. wow! but she's quite busy!
she'll b getting her own apt soon!!!
yipee! cuz then i def hv a place to crash if i want to go back to TKS to take more lessons! which i def will need.
camil is a lot better at controling his kite than i! :-( i i wil catch up. anyhoos, then we flew up to taipei (rain again!) n took my brother's car n drove out to Dasi for tom's last bday party in taiwan. by the time we arrived the party was in full swing. ate too mch. drank too much. many fun ppl. then we jumped into the hottub. 12 ppl in the little tub. amazing! then i wnt downstairs n was suddenly feeling very very dizzy. fell asleep on the stairs! camil came by n found me n put me to bed in the living room. i didn't even notice when ppl wnt to bed.
sunday is nice n chill. rainy still but it cleared up, tho not enough for beach. still, it was nice n fun just hanging out on the deck and hearing all the fun things that happened after i passed out.
the drive back in the evening was nice cuz we took the mountain pass n bypassed all the traffic.
it was a fun-filled weekend.
abi & horia flew in from HK. they're moving to sao paolo in june for three yrs. wow! great news, cuz i'm planning on visiting brazil in novemeber!