W.I.P. part 2

a few more days later,
this is what my painting is looking like now...
not done yet.

and after this black background... the white cannot compete with it in dramatics. what should i do?

would u wear this?

wow, walking down one of the most fashionable streets in taipei, i happened by this shop... would anyone actually pay to buy this for daily wear?



this is my new painting... not finished yet.
wondering if i should add a color to this or keep it just black & gold?


old foto... how times have changed!

well, i just dug this out of my iphoto library from 2002... a foto of a polaroid from 1999, when i hair modeled for bumble bee. tht is crazy hair isn't it. i can't believe i had such long hair b4!
so much time has changed things, places, events, and life.
don't think i've had such wild crazy hair, nor as long, since.



wow, i had the worst flu in such a long time, even my father had suffered it a bit. i was so out of it for the entire stay in OC, i didn't even make it to c any of my frnds up in LA. i had to cancel my trip to NYC too! didn't go out or anywhere. basically i flew home to OC to stay home n nurse myself... which i wouldn't hv caught if i just followed my instinct and stayed in taiwan this time around.