superman & ultraman

as anyone can c here, my nephews are super-heroes!
buji's latest thing, being superman. he wore his superman undies on the outside.
on the first day of school last week, he was dressed up like this, it took my sister 45minutes to negotiate with him and convince him to go to school as clark kent, not superman. altho, he only temporarily agreed, cuz apparently, he arrived in school, went to the side and changed himself back to superman. and attended class all day dressed thus.
i guess he's definitely pretty stubborn superman buji.
tyler on the other hand, doesn't dress up, he just acts out the physical strengths of ultraman.
imagine 5 & 4 yrs olds, tumbling around n fighting w/me!
i was beat.


hong kong! after nearly 10 yrs.

HONG KONG, pearl of the orient!
it is still just a bustling as ever b4, or is it more? def more. so many things and places remain familiar and yet different. my father also went with me and was remembering all the different spots he'd go and do this and dat, meeting frnds, eating. for me it was just enough to watch things come and go. overwhelming and fun. i didn't do much shopping. bar-hopping i did a lot on the sat. nite my father and brother left for macau.
the selection of western food are better here than taiwan and def tastes a lot better too!
and the nite lights of the city skyline, simply amazing.
reminds me so much of nyc!

and here's sputnik, abi's pug who pooed on the rug in the bathroom of the room i stayed in at abi's place. quite a lot for such a little thing....

and this poster as i'm walking thru the HK airport, says everything u can possibily say about HK/ asian women/ n shopping?