my 1 second?

so, i now know what it would sort of feel like to walk down the red carpet... or somewhat. at least with the camera flashing away at u. the wedding banquet my sister chris and i attended was for the son of a major player in the political and economic scene of taiwan, sean lien. he and i was breifly friends, if u call partying in the same circle, while we were all living in nyc. but i've not talked to him in a few years. he is, however, a very good frnd of my sister's husband, so the invite was really extended to him, n i went purely because he couldn't go, n i was my sister's guest instead.
still, it was a major production, with dressing up, full blown make-up, hairdos, head-to-toe.
as we enter the hotel and walk up to the ballroom, ther were stacks of photographers lined up flashing away while we walked down the red carpet. i'm sure they just flashed at whoever and sort out the important n unimportant ppl later. we'r not really anyones, so i'm fairly sure we won't b published except maybe as backgrnd characters to all these important ppl mingling in the room.
maybe my sister will b noticed tho. ther was an ad campaign with her as spokesperson on tv for a couple of months recently. so they may make that connection.
it was such fun tho, to just walk down n b all star-like, looking into the blinding flash and smile at no one in particular. pretend to b very upper crust of society, haha.
and how rarely do i get to b all dolled up? look at the difference now!


H3NR7 said...

How fancy.
You both look so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

looking good!
greetings to you from koeln.

Simone said...

Ur a Supastar!