blk tie event!

well, tmrw nite will b attending a blacktie wedding event. due to the fact that the couple getting married r political figures... ther's going to b lots of publicity and ppl in the elite social circle in taiwan attending. so.... like the last minute cram person that i am, i started looking for a dress. but instead of buying one, i just borrowed it from my mom's most fashionable friend, aunt nancy. i borrowed a dress from her tht she wore three yrs ago at my brother frank's wedding. i think it looks amazing! and she has shoes n bag n all for me to borrow, isn't it perfect?

i will add a foto tmrw nite after i get the whole do up, gettin hair & make up done professionally.. i look like a different person then.... and i will also reveal the names... shouldn't say who just yet.

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H3NR7 said...

Where is the ELEGANCE?!
Sophie's got it.