well, i've not been to Hong Kong since b4 1997... that incident w/my family way back when. tmrw i shall b heading ther with dad... meeting up w/my brothers. and then w/camil & his sister n frnds for a fun-filled weekend! hope nothing happens to HK.


my 1 second?

so, i now know what it would sort of feel like to walk down the red carpet... or somewhat. at least with the camera flashing away at u. the wedding banquet my sister chris and i attended was for the son of a major player in the political and economic scene of taiwan, sean lien. he and i was breifly friends, if u call partying in the same circle, while we were all living in nyc. but i've not talked to him in a few years. he is, however, a very good frnd of my sister's husband, so the invite was really extended to him, n i went purely because he couldn't go, n i was my sister's guest instead.
still, it was a major production, with dressing up, full blown make-up, hairdos, head-to-toe.
as we enter the hotel and walk up to the ballroom, ther were stacks of photographers lined up flashing away while we walked down the red carpet. i'm sure they just flashed at whoever and sort out the important n unimportant ppl later. we'r not really anyones, so i'm fairly sure we won't b published except maybe as backgrnd characters to all these important ppl mingling in the room.
maybe my sister will b noticed tho. ther was an ad campaign with her as spokesperson on tv for a couple of months recently. so they may make that connection.
it was such fun tho, to just walk down n b all star-like, looking into the blinding flash and smile at no one in particular. pretend to b very upper crust of society, haha.
and how rarely do i get to b all dolled up? look at the difference now!



new set of drawings have been added to my site. it's a whole sketchbook, so it'll take a while for me to scan it all n upload it. it shall b my goal for the next few weeks. there r about 18 right now on it.
working on a long scroll right now. hopefully i won't run out of steam in the end n not complete it. it could turn into an animation, i think.

so i call it the motion lines because i started this sketchbook when i left taiwan late summer of 2006. flying to nyc, then out to block island with my frnds, then to paris, bordeaux, paris, vien, paris, london, paris, amsterdam, then home to newport beach, california, and finally finishing my sketch book flying into taipei, taiwan. it's like a travel log.

blk tie event!

well, tmrw nite will b attending a blacktie wedding event. due to the fact that the couple getting married r political figures... ther's going to b lots of publicity and ppl in the elite social circle in taiwan attending. so.... like the last minute cram person that i am, i started looking for a dress. but instead of buying one, i just borrowed it from my mom's most fashionable friend, aunt nancy. i borrowed a dress from her tht she wore three yrs ago at my brother frank's wedding. i think it looks amazing! and she has shoes n bag n all for me to borrow, isn't it perfect?

i will add a foto tmrw nite after i get the whole do up, gettin hair & make up done professionally.. i look like a different person then.... and i will also reveal the names... shouldn't say who just yet.

newborn babies all look alike

this is theodore's frnd, issac, born a few weeks b4 him.
can u tell the difference?
"same same, but different," as they like to say in thailand.


about... Peace Corps Blogging

Blogger Buzz: Peace Corps Blogging
i've always wanted to join the peace corp when i was in high school... years later, i still hvn't the guts to join. nor the skills tht peace corp would want anyhow.


new addition, number 7

another baby boy is born to our family.
child number 7, boy number 5.
theodore lee... ted.
brother of sean lee.
unlike sean, who was born quiet infant, the doctors had to spank him to make him peep.
this one howled his way into the world.
welcome to the world, theodore!


neil & berta, the narbonnes!

it's finally happened! neil & berta tied their knots! mr. & mrs narbonne!

what a great wedding it was! so much fun, so much drinking.... so plastered, with friends from all over. and i was the best woman for the groom and gallen, berta's brother, was her... bride-man?
confused a lot of pps! o and the MOH's name is ZOphia, and mine sophie.
and christian is constantly talking about his little girl, sophie.
getting a bit confusing here...

well, and here's wht i look like at the wedding, with make-up on! who's this person? i dunno!

nye announcement

disasters don't always follow me! i just wanted to clarify tht.
tho i was in bangkok at the time of the bombings, i was no where near the actual events. and am safe and sound. just had to cancel all my new year's eve celebrations and stay in our hotel rooms.
one of the most uneventful nye ever!
but i'm still happy to b alive n well.
no harms.