crossing time zones, backward travel

so i've arrived back in newport, oc, california, after spending loads of times on the plane, at the airports, going backwards in time. left early morning to airport, due to heavy fog, left 2 hrs after (nearly 1pm, starving, should've remember to bring a french sandwich onboard, much better than plane food) anyway, by the time plane landed in chicago, it's 4pm chicago time, but nearly midnite in paris. i'm still travelling on nov 30th.
ther's so many ppl at chicago airport. stuck. playing musical gates. talking to stranger.
i talked to an IT guy who's stuck ther trying to go home to miami. very interesting man. reading similar books as i do. we swiched gates btwn our flts. n i ended up leaving b4 him. finally at 8pm (i was due to leave at 6.30)
after another 4 long hours or so, i ended up in LAX, 9:30pm! wow. still on nov 30th.

i'm just always amazed at how u loose and regain time. bodies come n go encountering on planes n airports.
faces u see for a few hours, sharing time, space, n bathrooms. leaving to probably never c ea/other again.

here's r some fotos from my airplane journal......
going backward, from landing in LAX, landing in chicago, taking off from paris!

landing in LAX

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