sitting in an internet/gaming place in bangkok, sumkumvit area to b exact. getting online myself, sitting next to me is this boy.
how old do u think he is?

he's playing GRAND THEFT AUTO! and very good at the violence too!
shouldn't he b home or outdoors playing something more innocent? less violent?


the day b4 taiwan

well, the day (sat, dec 9) b4 i leave for taiwan, i had a full scheduled day. first, i had to make it to korean town in LA to pick up my taiwan passport b4 it closes. someone ther recognizes my father's name... then, i made a mad dash to the children's hospital, as a volunteer, thru disney channel, decorating for their annual x'mas party for teens and their parents. (noon to 4pm)it was fun to decorate a x'mas tree (my only one ths yr) and lite up the party. thnx to my decorating partners sean and denny.

after this, denny and i decided to attend the UglyCon opening. special event at the GR2 gallery. damn, ther's a line of ppl, some said tht they've been ther since 5 am, to b sure to b first 25 ppl to get in n hv the free gifts. i'm not tht crazy about these characters, didn't even kno'em actually. except we're here n wasted the time to wait,... so we continue to wait. the whole process of getting the limited hand-made plushes. they'r not cheap, 30 for the tiny ones and 70 for the larger ones. we were told by experts tht the large ones can go for 300 on ebay. can u believe the fanatics? wow. so the entire process of going thru this took us til about 10pm... 5 freakin hours! n u don't even get to take'em home til jan!
so somewhere inbtwn picking our items (u take wht is left, only 2 per person) n paying for'em, i was dying of hunger! we wnt to eat at Furaibo. yum. tht was nice. n then back in line, in the pouring rain, to pay for our prizes.

after this (i missed out on matthias & catherine's engagement party) i drove back to hollywood (was on west side, gr2) to Star Shoes for Pakin's engagement party... by the time i got parking (even with rain, hollywood is jammed up) most of my frnds ther r plastered. and brian bought me 2 drinks plus a shot, n i caught up fairly fast, i must say.

after, i drove home to newport (1 hour) and was so beat tht i couldn't take the time to pack for my trip. passed out.
woke up early to pack b4 my brunch meeting with nicci.
then tea party at home w/my family.
i'm tired just remembering! phew!

terror x 2!

wow, my sister's boys have grown even taller! if that is possible. and a bit wilder. i'm baby-sitting them for the weekend (they're in bali) and just this morning and afternoon is enough to drive me insane! morning was the worst, cuz i had my little brother to deal with tht was horrible too. he's another brat....
was sooooooooo tired decided to stay home n rest on a friday nite.


winter vacation starts in taiwan

almost ready to take off!
but... looking at my tix... why did i buy air canada n hv to transit in the middle of the nite in vancouver?
nevermind, gotta finish packing. ths time, because of thailand, i need to pack both winter n summer stuff.


camil's wild animated gif

wonder if ther's a major difference now tht i've edited down to 1/2 the frame amt.

crossing time zones, backward travel

so i've arrived back in newport, oc, california, after spending loads of times on the plane, at the airports, going backwards in time. left early morning to airport, due to heavy fog, left 2 hrs after (nearly 1pm, starving, should've remember to bring a french sandwich onboard, much better than plane food) anyway, by the time plane landed in chicago, it's 4pm chicago time, but nearly midnite in paris. i'm still travelling on nov 30th.
ther's so many ppl at chicago airport. stuck. playing musical gates. talking to stranger.
i talked to an IT guy who's stuck ther trying to go home to miami. very interesting man. reading similar books as i do. we swiched gates btwn our flts. n i ended up leaving b4 him. finally at 8pm (i was due to leave at 6.30)
after another 4 long hours or so, i ended up in LAX, 9:30pm! wow. still on nov 30th.

i'm just always amazed at how u loose and regain time. bodies come n go encountering on planes n airports.
faces u see for a few hours, sharing time, space, n bathrooms. leaving to probably never c ea/other again.

here's r some fotos from my airplane journal......
going backward, from landing in LAX, landing in chicago, taking off from paris!

landing in LAX