last nite in paris

so sad i spent the day for paris travelling from barcelona to paris then on a bus to the city, sitting in traffic.
will i have time to go ladurée to pick up something for my friends?
i wonder.
i haven't time to go shopping much at all.


paris montparnasse!

i've been living and working here at camil's apt/office near gare montparnasse for a week now. it's been quite nice. tho tough in the mornings with ppl in and out of the office (living room) during the day. unlike my normal working habbits of taking naps, it's tough to stick around a desk all morning.
but, camil's dad is quite chill.
ths past sunday, it's been really beautiful day and we went for walks from the Grand Palais thru the palais royale then all the way to Centre Pompidue, thinking the Yves Kleine show wd b great way to end the day of disappointing art exhibits. but the line there is just too long. we ended up eating tartines (our really early dinner) nearby.
everyday involves a bit of drinking, of course.
last nite was the Rhum Bar. tht's nice too. and some guy named Laurent asked for my number (gave me his) as i was leaving the bar. funny. he's actually cute, but young....
heading to barcelona this sat. to finish up the second portion of the website (site-web as the french says)
can't wait to b in the beautiful town again, heard it's much warmer and sunnier than paris.

a little bit sad too that i'm leaving here soon.
time flies as always.


petter pan getting hiched

i feel a bit sad... to find out he's getting married, the last person on earth for me to expect tht. shocking.

another pattern flow

i'm just loving these things, my new form of drawings.
anne was right to say it's getting larger.

however, the color here is just not showing up properly.
so to c it properly, pls click on the link above.