paris/ barcelona!

guess wht? i'm going to paris/ barcelona for november! a friend of mine has asked me to help his father's company design a website in paris. we'r going to meet up over ther, stay at his father's apt near gare monparnasse area! then we'r gonna travel to barcelona for a week, just hang out.
how much should i charge for a website design?


i sit in traffic, like millions of other southern californians. contributing to the ever expanding ozone hole. i feel guilty for it. yet unable to chuck the driving. cuz i live here where there isn't really a way to get around driving.
it is time to move out of here!


one woman show

last nite, i wnt to watch Lynn Redgrave perform her one woman play. i was soooooooooooo tired from driving to all day, that i was afraid i might pass out during the play. yet because it was very well written and acted out, i had no problem at all watching. altho, i was hungrier than i had expected. 1/2 way thru the show, my stomach made such loud noise tht all my friends heard me. we then went to eat in Little Tokyo. ramen, perfect for chilly nite.


my playmate

since i've been home, this is what i'm doing everyday, playing with sean, the 2 yr old boy. he's my playmate. i have a seat at his little trainset, thomas the train. i've learnt the names of his various engines and harold the helicopter. he even calls me by my name instead of the "aunt" part, it's just Sophia!
he's a cutest parrot.
gonna get ready for work now. sad not to c him today, he's gonna wake up and come visit to find me gone. hope he'll b alright.


jet lag

what does it mean to b jet-lagged? my body is here, but i guess my sleep isn't with me!
i've got a really really confused one then, i must say. cuz i've not idea why i'm up! since 4am! shouldn't it b a little delayed since i'm coming back from europe? not taiwan like my parents. who's also jet-lagged.
so... i'm up all nite, watching (catching up) on the shows on my tivo, and drawing!
ok, now i'm feeling tired, but it's 9am.


home again!

i'm home again (in cali, my parents' home)
slept and did nothing all day.
hv yet to finish unpacking.
soooooooo much mail has piled up. reality hits. what should i b doing with myself here?
where can i set up my huge roll of paper to draw?
or... should i just go back to work thru my agency?