oops, missed it again!

how do i always manage to miss my flights?
here i was, arrived way early and b'cause i had this instinct tht my giant box of wooden type would not reach LA, i decided to go into paris city (after arrving at airport via tgv from lyon) and pick it up!
then b'cuz of ths, i had to repack my entire bag, cuz easy jet only allows one chk'g bag.
n then, the crazy cross terminal bus decided to b late n drop me off at the wrong stop for the terminal... my fault for not double chk'g i guess. n i can't find easy jet at all! running all over the place. tired n hungry.
then the gate closed early.
so i hv to wait til 10 tonite.
i wanna cry at my stupidity.
never trust my instincts again.
maybe i will not stay too much longer in europe and just go home after london.
who needs to go nice n amsterdam again?
ther's a beach at home waiting for me too!

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