was in london from 19th to 25th. while ther, i stayed in north eastern part of london called south woodford. takes nearly an hour train ride to get into central. but it's nice.
garrett (tyler)'s daughter, fiona is just sooooooooooo cute. every year i c her, she's just growing and growing. she's starting grade k now. wow.
time flies by.

tho i spent some days at home, just hanging out and doing nothing, working at nite... i did manage to go into town several times to visit the V&A, amazing place for studies on design, esp ironwork. and then, ther's the LONDON design fair all over town. tht was fun.
bricklane area is awesome!

but, i must say, this week of eating in london, made me really miss the food in paris!

so i pigged out in paris!

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