pigging out in paris, with jimmy and kelley!

so after a week in london...
i returned to paris via Eurostar, the cross channel train.
i left my woodtypes in garrett's. didn't want to lug it around.
cuz i am lugging around a tall roll of paper that i will do my drawings on.
met up with jimmy and kelley (two of the 5 members of our dining club back in southern cal) in paris, to hv a mini pairs adventure.
and, ther r 6 restaurants i think is a must. plus a bakery.
the following r my lists to J&K, didn't think i'd end up meeting them here, n eating some more with them.

1. le fumoir (by the louvre), 6 rue de l'amiral-de-coligny, 1st. metro: lovre-rivoli.
ths place i've been back 3x's.
sunday is packed w/ppl for brunch til 4pm. so up to u, menu items r yummy, or plat du jour is always a good bet here.

2. laduree (on 75 champs-elysees, 8th. main store/restaurant) awesome pastry. food is great too. n if they offer u a fish called Dorade, grab it, yummy fish.
the macroones r best i've had, n i normally don't like it. sunday is crazy packed.
and altho, some parisians prefer Pierre Hermé's macaroons, it is more... contemporary flavors, like olive oil, etc... so it's rather up to personal tastes. both r amazing desserts tho, also expensive.
and, of course, the champs's main store has better, more fresh stock. been told by seller at Frere's tea shop tht she's gotten old ones b4 at non-main store.

3. le tres'or, on 7 rue du tresor, in gay district (le Marais), slow service but food awesome.... tho, if u hv to choose, i'd go to next one on my list first.

4. wadja. 10 rue de la grande-chaumiere, 6th. metro: vavin, near the tour montparnasse area.
o my, if u like monkfish, or 7 hr cooked leg of lamb or osso buco (not ur typical one) ths is wher to go. n the waiter is very knowlegeable about wine, a whole book of wine list w/labels, etc. we had all the listed food, soooooooooooooooo yummy.
n drank cote du rhone wine. our new fav place (my frnds in paris)
.... so, upon meeting up with jimmy & kelley, they told me they went to wadja and was in love with it... so we went back one more time!
and... now it's 3rd time back, yum.
and now...restaurants we explored together that are worth mentioning...
hmmm, i think i need my timeout guide book to remember, which is in my luggage back in paris's hotel eldorado. in amsterdam now, update this blog later then.


was in london from 19th to 25th. while ther, i stayed in north eastern part of london called south woodford. takes nearly an hour train ride to get into central. but it's nice.
garrett (tyler)'s daughter, fiona is just sooooooooooo cute. every year i c her, she's just growing and growing. she's starting grade k now. wow.
time flies by.

tho i spent some days at home, just hanging out and doing nothing, working at nite... i did manage to go into town several times to visit the V&A, amazing place for studies on design, esp ironwork. and then, ther's the LONDON design fair all over town. tht was fun.
bricklane area is awesome!

but, i must say, this week of eating in london, made me really miss the food in paris!

so i pigged out in paris!



is it possible to b only allergic to short haired cats?
or i just simply have allergy, europe and nyc?


oops, missed it again!

how do i always manage to miss my flights?
here i was, arrived way early and b'cause i had this instinct tht my giant box of wooden type would not reach LA, i decided to go into paris city (after arrving at airport via tgv from lyon) and pick it up!
then b'cuz of ths, i had to repack my entire bag, cuz easy jet only allows one chk'g bag.
n then, the crazy cross terminal bus decided to b late n drop me off at the wrong stop for the terminal... my fault for not double chk'g i guess. n i can't find easy jet at all! running all over the place. tired n hungry.
then the gate closed early.
so i hv to wait til 10 tonite.
i wanna cry at my stupidity.
never trust my instincts again.
maybe i will not stay too much longer in europe and just go home after london.
who needs to go nice n amsterdam again?
ther's a beach at home waiting for me too!



since my camera broke, chk out vienne via the website.
beautiful roman temple still intact.
well, here's just a few from my phone w/the little camera in it.


general summary til vienne...

well, been in europe about 2 weeks now.
first was being in paris, meeting up w/sister (chris N hubby, ming) and mom, there then to bordeaux for a few days. revisiting the haut brion vineyard... then we stayed the next couple of days at chateau barroge? in st emillion. ther.., well, mom took a fall. so was emergency room chk up, etc. dr is really cute. sweet too. and it didn't cost us much but 100 euro, x-ray fee. wow, this is good health care.
anyway, back to paris after a day inside hotel w/mom.
crazy shopping days the nxt few. sunday shops r all closed.
if u come to paris, must visit Laurderee on champs... great food ther b'sides the famous macaroon desserts.
met up w/Sophie and her hubby for dinner.
by monday, everyone has split up, mom, ming and chris off to cologne/ amesterdam. sophie n her grumpy hubby to bordeaux.
while i stuck around, chk'd into a small budget hotel near the centre pompidue, waiting to meet up w/John and Nanci, who's cousin is getting married here in paris. they've been living in paris for 4 yrs now. the wedding is sat nite.
anyhoo, we hv an apt on 7, blvd morland. quite nice, c the tops of notre dame and eiffel tower thru our windows. esp the sparkling tower at nite.
ate lots of great food.
did very little sight seeing, none of our first time here. so it was leisurely stay. and our wedding couple, walter and jefferey have been great hosts, inviting us over for dinner the first nite. and going out w/friends and family the nxt few nites.
we did our own things as roommates during the day.
one day was shopping. another was to visit l'orangerie, which has finally reopened after 6 years of rennovation. waited so long for this! to c monet's installation of the lily pads. even just for a little while was inspiring enough. another day, we went in search of yummy croissant and pain au chocolate.
visit the sacre coeaur at sunset. and ate a really yummy dinner recommended by time out paris guide book. group effort here. i, for flipping to wrong area, momartre, i ended up w/monparnasse, n john for picking it. yum. one of the best restaurants here in paris besides, le tres'or, le fumoir, and now... Wadja!
sat, we took it really easy, just walked around, uploading some files at walt's for work. and searched for nanci's onion soup. obssessed! don't think she was too happy about it ths time tho. then we went home to take a quick nap b4 wedding at 7... cuz it's to last til 4 am! john thought he'd never seen any girls, let alone 2 get dressed for going out so quick, combined time of 1 hr (sharing bathroom takes longer)
great party and great speaches. good food, great wine, river boat circled around til midnite. then we docked and continue to party and drink, dance.
nxt day, well into afternoon when we hv a picnic by the seine river. by ths time, nanci has alrdy left town. just me and john to join the nice gathering of ppl from all over the world for the wedding. nice to actually talk somewht sober.
wnt home to nap by 10pm... so i can rest up and go to Queen w/andrew (bubbles) and enjique at a gay club, 1.30am the party begins. ws soooooooooooooo plastered. clubbin here is def expensive. 10euro for one shot of tequila. so drunk tht by nxt morning, i barely recalling getting myself home. or the fone call from mandy regarding work! it was to tough to get myself ready and out ther w/john to airport. whole ride i was out. then i chk my main luggage into storage and head back into paris, leave key of apt and head for train station, for lyon, where allou, diane's boyfrnd picked me up. i was out asleep nearly whole train ride.
vienne, a small town just 1/2 hour via car south of Lyon. quite beautiful. allou and diane's apt faces one of the only 2 still standing roman temples, i mean full conditioned. the other one is in Nimes, they say.
nice quiet town after paris.
tmrw, it's time for london? or should i stick around longer?