lobster dinner, bon fire & smores!

what a life this is. beautfiful sunset dinner that we cook up together! tonite on the menu, fresh lobster (while me n matthew made a pasta dish out of our lobster, everyone else has it whole, w/butter garlic dip), fresh grilled corn, sauteed spinach, fresh tomatoes, long grain rice, wine or sake. my pasta was also amazing... using grilled portabello and grilled tomatos w/simple sauteed garliced mushrooms... w/fresh lobster chunks and feta cheese!
great dinner.
then off we go to the Mansion Beach (got permit for bon fires everyday, but we finally made it)! it was the perfect nite for it.
no high wind, breezy enought to carry the fire.
we built it right away, properly set up, directly on top of a pallet, perfect base. i was the fire master! kept it going all nite til midnite. n had smores with these ultra long sticks Dave had the brilliant idea of using. saw lots of shooting stars.
the only thing w/burning a pallet is tht u hv to pick out the nails afterwards. but tht's also kinda fun.
one thing i wanted to say about the lobster dinner.
i didn't realize until my frnds were talking about it... the scent n juices of lobster really attracts mosquitos! all week ther were no need for bug spray n last nite... wow, mosquitos galore.
even today we couldn't get rid of them.

look at the fire i built!

block island rocks.

these r the rocks i picked up at the Bluffs Beach... it's the more pebbly beach w/strong crashing waves.
i normally just pick one out and keep it ea/year. but ths ear, i can't somehow choose. so i took it home... maybe i can decide by the time i leave..?

the secret menu of in-n-out

as i'm listening to ths podcast, i'm really glad tht within the month's time, i'll b back on the west coast, in cali, to eat at my favorite burger joint, in-n-out! and i'm happy to find out tht the KCRW's Good Food program has enabled me to find the secret menu of it... i've always knew ther was other stuff, but didn't kno if it really exist or how to order it. thnx to this woman, Charlotte Makoff (http://www.in-n-out.com/secretmenu.asp) who posted it on her site.



i forgot my swim suits, towels, etc! all my swim gear! it's all sitting in a pouch bag at dave n simone's place!
i wanna cry, cuz i was sooooooo sure i packed it, til today when i was getting ready for the beach.
Mansion beach day, fun!


block island!

once again, we've made it here to block island.
aug 13~20th, 2006!
-The house is set-North'Ard


going home, NYC!

the only time u can c the clouds from above is when u're flying high in the plane.


first painting!

this is the first painting i've done since graduating from art center... or since b4, when i stopped at 4th term. painted w/help from natasha, rene, & brendon, they made it so fun.
we gave it to K as his 29th birthday present.


lunar 7.15, ghosts in our world!

the feasts u cook up to feed the hungry ancestors, buddhas, household gods, and "brothers" out ther, as my mom wd like to call them, the wandering, orphaned spirits. i called them ghost and gobblins.
these r tho fotos of the feast at our house.
everything has to b set up b4 noon to feed everyone.
then we hv to ask permission from our ancestors to c if they'r done "eating" so we can "eat" their left-overs.