after one week

after one whole week of running around trying to manage kids of 10 yr olds... i realized tht being a teacher is tough job. esp when u're trying to teach them a new language. the patience u need to deal w/each child. and the creative activities u need to hv up ur sleeves to keep them interested and active and happy and learning at the same time...and keeping ur authority so they don't run all over u— it's def not an easy job at all. it gives me new respect to all the good englishe teachers here in taiwan.
i had a blast tho, because we were team USA. every morning we'd sing and play games, then read and learn new games. have our little boxed lunch and go outdoors to do all kinds of sports. afterwards, we'd jump into the pool and cool off from the very hot mid-day weather. temp averaging 35 degrees celcius and 130% humidity? was def very hot n humid day. so the pool turns out to b everyone's favorite activity. then we'd hop on the bus and ride back into taipei city.
it's def an experience i won't forget.
i learned a lot. and i hv Konraad or K to thankful for inviting me to join them as counselors.
still, i'm glad it is over, cuz it's just way too hot to b outdoors at noon these days in taiwan.

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H3NR7 said...

It took me a while to find you. You fit right in.