forgot to mention, kyoto!

Kyoto is so different when u visited as a child of 12 vs 37! i'm sure lots of things have changed btwn then and now as well. but I have changed very much too! as a kid of 12, visiting these beautiful places was cool for the first couple of days, but any more, u're bored. i recall lots of temples, old bldgs, bus hop on and offs and vending machines at the rest stops, and souvenir shops. the rest was all vague and unclear.
then at the end of may, everything feld different about Kyoto. i'm wishing that i had time to rent a bicycle and ride about town, visiting all these structures i didn't appreciate b4 and didn't hv time to visit this trip. i took a gazillion fotos with my digital camera. visited miho museum designed by I. M. Pei, and other stuctures designed by Tadao Ando! this brilliant architect tht my frnds at the art center library were in love with 10 yrs ago. his use of concrete as is is just amazingly beautiful and inspiring.
just so much to c, yet not enough time.
ther was also a day when we went to the oldest tea house in kyoto, 13 or is it 14 generations now? anyway, it's go very traditional style tea rooms and we were served tea. and learnt about how to accept and drink the tea cup, which way to turn it and all the whys... lots of rules and regulations!
but one thing tht we all agreed upon was how amazingly clean kyoto is, like the rest of japan. but tht also with so many gorgeous gardens with water elements, we were surprised at how ther's so little mosquitoes! i was free of bites for this one week in kyoto.
maybe i should learn japanese and live in japan for a bit?
just a thought.
so much has happened, i've gotta sit down and sort thru my fotos to post up and write more about the rotary club events too.
o and hot spring and other things...

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