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Since last trip to taiwan, i've been participating in a "cooking" class with my aunt every first tuesday of the month. it's all traditional japanese dishes, taught by a japanese chef who spoke near perfect chinese. she basically cooks and explains about it while we watched n ask questions. then we get to sit down to a beautiful lunch!
after talking to some frnds, i thought it might b a great idea to share not only the exp n fotos, but the receipes too! cuz it's amazing food. not too difficult to make either.
tho it wd take me some time to translate'em all! seeing tht i'm also a lazy blogger!
so here's wht we ate this last tuesday!
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dishes shown in the foto:
Katse Don (breaded, fried pork), wakame/ bamboo stew (if anyone kno the japanese name?), Shira-ie (veggie w/tofu sause, very very traditional household dish), cold spinach w/sesame sauce, mixed rice, miso egg drop soup, orange cream jello.
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i thought, maybe i should start with the mixed rice, since it's late n well, tht's prob the easiest to translate, n to make.

ingredients: rice-quantity is determined by urself, japanese style dried pickled daikon (the thing that looks like giant wht carrot, cut small stripes), sesame (toasted), fresh shiso leaves (halved and thinly sliced).

once the rice is cooked, simply add the pickled daikon, toss well w/the rice, then add the sesame, mix some more, then serve the rice in nice little bowl topped with the shiso leaves. simple eh?


alright, i'm still up, so maybe i'll write the other easy stuff here... Egg drop miso soup w/spinach... uhm, i guess tht sort of tells u everything about this soup. simple to make, right?!

simply bring the water to boiling, dunk the spinach in it for about 15 sec then dunk it in cold water, then squeeze out the excess water, it should b bunched up in one long bunch, cut in 2 inch sections, divide into bowls to b served in.
dissolve the miso in boiling water thru wired spoons, so it doesn't clump up at the bottom of the pot n get burnt, drop in the pre-mixed eggs, let it cook, n pour over the bowls.
sorry, i don't hv a finished soup foto... i guess i was so hungry n busy eating, i forgotten the foto! but trust me, it's yummy n healthy n easy!

i hope nxt time i will write up the rest. it's late.... (nearly 2am in taiwan, i had cello lessons, yoga, then salsa lesson today, very beat) good nite, y'all!

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