scary stories...(reality of life)

this goes back a couple of weeks...
on my return flt from kenting (spring scream) i read the newspaper... which i rarely do. n in ther was a story about a young woman searching for her mom in kashmir, india. her mother had apparently travelled ther n wnt missing... the authorities found her body in the lake. i read this in passing. ther wasn't much details. i glanced at the foto, but nothing registered as familiar.
coming home, my mom was talking to her frnd... turns out it was someone they knew. at this point, i hadn't made any connection as to who this family was. then, my frnd, sandra, told me the story again n asked if i knew who they were? n said it was her ex-boyfrnds' aunt... her ex-boyfrnd, was also my family frnd... then my sister told me tht it was our childhood frnds aunt (godmother) then i realized tht she was someone i met often, but not lately. as we grow up, we forget ppl from our past... out of touch, esp their families.
their families r all here in taipei for the aunt's funeral. right now. but i wonder if i'll get to c them at all?
it is a very sad event.
now it's event more real because i knew them once.

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