scary stories...(reality of life)

this goes back a couple of weeks...
on my return flt from kenting (spring scream) i read the newspaper... which i rarely do. n in ther was a story about a young woman searching for her mom in kashmir, india. her mother had apparently travelled ther n wnt missing... the authorities found her body in the lake. i read this in passing. ther wasn't much details. i glanced at the foto, but nothing registered as familiar.
coming home, my mom was talking to her frnd... turns out it was someone they knew. at this point, i hadn't made any connection as to who this family was. then, my frnd, sandra, told me the story again n asked if i knew who they were? n said it was her ex-boyfrnds' aunt... her ex-boyfrnd, was also my family frnd... then my sister told me tht it was our childhood frnds aunt (godmother) then i realized tht she was someone i met often, but not lately. as we grow up, we forget ppl from our past... out of touch, esp their families.
their families r all here in taipei for the aunt's funeral. right now. but i wonder if i'll get to c them at all?
it is a very sad event.
now it's event more real because i knew them once.


playback theatre

PLAY it Back to u. improv kind of theatre that is so beautiful. i was really touched watching this show.
i was lucky to b invited to c the joint performances of playback groups from HK, Singapore, and Taipei. these ppl r so amazing, with so little props n things. they just express emotions and tell ur story back to u in a very beautiful n playful or touching way.
really enjoyed it.
too bad i'm really shy, else i'd join the group n do some playback acting myself.
my hands & arms r just way too tired to type right now, i went rock climbing again tonite at the gym... n tried one tht was tough for me...
i hope i'm not too sore tmrw.


taipei, in da city n lovin it!

well, here i am again, back to taipei. it is great to b here, well, other than the humidity today. april is great time to b here, spring, not too hot n humid yet, just past the rain season... and well, beautiful days.
i've been here a couple of weeks now and done quite a bit in such short time. since i'm here for a while, i've decided to take up classes... i have yoga every morning at my friend Rob's studio called the Swami Salami School of Yoga!

last week, i, along w/a few other friends, decided to work on our body... cleaning it of some toxins, mainly from our intestines n liver. it's quite an experience. it's called Liver Cleanse, curezone. chk it out! it's pretty amazing experience! altho i only shat out 20 stones, my frnd Rob got rid of 100+! Kirk got rid of 200 or so! imagine all the junk in our bodies!

tomorrow i have a japanese cooking class. the same place i was last time i was in taipei. so exciting. good food!

and speaking of food, my friend Sandra has her own blog about good food and places to go in taipei. her blog focuses on anything yummy within greater taipei, ranging from street stalls to restaurants, bars, lounges, hip n trendy or down low n ghetto, but main deal is, it's yummy food!
美食魔人蠟筆小嵐貪吃記 (yummy sandra)
btw, it's in chinese tho... still, lots of foto references.

aight, i'm tired. have been up since 7am! did yoga, then met up with friends for afternoon chat on work... ideas, then salsa after dinner, some more work...
tmrw i will hv cooking class, then... yoga, then... o french! and at midnite, this girl won't turn into a pumpkin, cuz i'll b taking an overnite bus to southern taiwan (kenting) for the Spring Scream music/ beach festival! and i will get a nice tan, i hope!
c how i don't hv a tan now after a whole winter!?