raindrop taking me away!

my brother n his little family has returned thus restoring life to this empty house. my gosh, the baby has grown taller! so cute! but still barely talks... just gibberish. tho he does sing in his baths now. so sweet!
with the rain... i've gathered enough force to start travelling again. first stop! taipei! then off to bali! i've never been there and have always dreamed of bali. tho i dunno how it'll b travelling w/my sister n her two wild boys! so exciting. but this is after i've gone to the spring scream in southern tip of taiwan. i heard it's a wild-on beach party for days! we'll c how tht turns out.
not much is going on but yoga these days.
diet starts tmrw.
can't believe i of all ppl have to start dieting.
so sad this thing called aging.

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Simone said...

Cute. But why is the water blue?