looking back

this is buji, one of my godsons, the younger brother, asleep in my lap while i was working on the lunar calender design last fall. they'r growing up so fast, i feel OLD!
wow, it was last year in feb that i was in whistler skiing. getting ready to go again on thurs! can't wait. hopefully the snow is better this year! but nick's been keeping track, and it looks good so far, cuz sure ain't happening down here in southern cal, snow i mean. hasn't really rained at all this winter!

i just wish i could have this catalog all squared away before i left town... but with all the changes and FDA scrutinizing everything we do, we feel better redesigning the catalog to b more like a health magazine. altho, this has been what i'd always been suggesting to them, the management. tho, who ever listens to sophie?

found an image i shot last summer on my european tour. i think this was either in italy (positano)? or was it in budapest?
writing down everything i do now in my little calender/ notebook... so i can remember. so terrible at remembering things clearly.


H3NR7 said...

He's got Angelina Jolie lips. I like this Dreams photo a lot. I thought it was your catalog cover.

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