load up on the taste buds! load up my bag!

first off, i gotta scream!!!!!!!!!!
Blahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i lost my digital camera on my flt back from san fran on american airling to john wayne!!!!!!!!!!!!! no where to be found, no one has seen it. i'm pretty sure it fell out either on the plane or in john wayne airport, but i called lost and found, n no one has it :-(
soooooooooo sad!!!!
everything i shot yesterday n today are all completely gone!
i loved this camera, so lite wt and compact n fast. i AM SAD~


anyhoo, so i went to sf to attend the internation fancy food show. to check out packaging ideas, and to pig out! it was pretty amazing. and if u're willing to stay until the very very end of the show, as exhibitors are packing up to go home, they start to give away everything! well almost everything. wayne n i came away with loads of stuff. but it was nothing compared to some of the ppl who came prepared with tote bags n roller luggages to bring home things.
these r what wayne n i each got, this is his share... since i lost my camera...

below is image of me pigging out on drinks...


so for dinner (can u believe we manage to eat a little more?) we went to an irish looking bar that serves indian food. bar is a bit smelly, stale-like, like all bar, service was a bit bizarre. the waitress has a surprised look on her face whenver we talk to her, and tend to repeat our request at least 2 to 3 times! in the end we started imitating her...
but the food was pretty good and lots n lots of beer for cheap price, for any place.

as u can c, elain is near bursting prego girl. n the very beginning stages of labor. they're going to reno today, if no sign today. wow, hard core!

i am refreshed and ready to finish my work here.


an update from x'mas

i wnt skiing for the first time in utah.
wow. the snow was dry n fluffy. being so used to skiing in cali, n in latter part of the season, i'm used to icy slopes.
this was amazing n challenging.... in trying to not sink into the powder!
so so nice.
next up, whistler, canada!
i hope ther's much more snow than last year!!!


APPLE apple, fallen from the tree?

exciting news about the new apple. but this is what i'm hearing... just bad news
what do u think?

the main thing i am worried about is it doesn't support classic apps...


wht to do?

wait some more?



guess it's been a while since i last blogged. again.
it's already 2006!
darn it.

started working on the next catalog design. so not motivated.
i miss taipei.

happily, i am glad to say, i've put in orders to buy the new powerbook, oops, it's now called mac book pro. not a very good name, doesn't slip out the tongue like powerbook.
i've waited long enough for this new book, so happy.
please, i need to clarify something to PC users. i don't "hate" the pc like everyone seem to misunderstand. i hate the WINDOWS OS. ok, hate is a strong word. i dislike it very much. so, it doesn't matter to me if the new mac's uses INTEL as processor. as long as the OS is still MAC and the design is still APPLE styling, who cared if it's the same processor as all the other PCs, right? but my brother has to sit ther and tease me constantly about his misunderstanding of ME!
i can't wait to get my new mac book. though i'm a little disappointed that it will no longer support the mac classic mode... cuz i still hv stuff, programs tht is designed in OS9. n so this mean no retiring the current laptop... i wd hv to keep it around just in case i neeed to back-track... :-(

but, wow, it'll b soooooooooo fast n nice!
i'm happy.

alright, back to work and listening to my shows on TIVO.