chinese floral arrangement

this is the origin of "ichiban" janaese flower arrangement we all come to know. it's less formal, yet tougher, cuz u hv to make it look as "natural" as possible, taking into consideration of the meaning of each plant n placement. took my first class today.
this is more like sculpture than painting. very different.
rock climbing

i tried rock climbing at an indoor gym for the first time last nite. wow, it's not easy thing, but having done yoga sure has helped a lot in building strength in legs. and it's quite fun, esp when u look back down from the top.... i think everyone should give it a try)
it's just continuation in my self-improvement process. it's wonderful to c how ur body can adapt to new positions n improvements to b seen daily. afterwards, it feels like wonders!
just having fun... so much to learn and do!
dec 1.
another year has come to an end. where to b? i dunno. but i'm really having a blast here. tho a seer friend of mine thinks it'll b a few more years before i'm here for good. until then... where am i to b?
feeling great here, but it's time to move again.

capaiera... give it a try?
we'll c.

i still don't get it


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