near the end of my stay...

well, it's been a while since i blogged. been submerged in a different life here. working really hard one project after another. and now i'm done. feeling a little sad about leaving taiwan soon. afterall, i've been here since late august. it's now mid-november. wow, how time flies! yet i hardly got to really see taiwan this time, again, cuz i'd been so busy working.

just returned from japan (shizuoka-perfecture) even tho i had originally thought i was going to b in nagoya area. boy was i way off. it goes to show when other ppl arrange ur entire travel plan, u just sort of am a sheep being herded around.
it was a totally different experience tho, being that it was a golf playing trip for my dad and his friends. i'm just a companion for him in place of my mom.
still, the golf courses r pretty.
and, well, the japanese r just so cute n flustered whenever i speak to them in english.
running away from me.
o well.
maybe i should learn their language soon, like i wanted to.

no more reasons to stick around taiwan, but i have really enjoyed my stay here. meeting ppl.
falling for someone n out of it so quickly, it's not even funny.

read lots of books.

ate lots of food.

going home on 12/12. then off to skiing in neveda.
back to cali for x'mas.
back to work.
and friends
and family.
driving my mini!

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e.ku said...

yay mini! i think next time u leave you should just pack it and take it with you. :-)