old taipei

while going to the hospital to visit my mom (taiwan university hospital), i noticed that the architecture around here are either really new or old. well old as in built during the japanese era. this is a little church still in use today. built during the japanese occupation, it is a unique style to taiwan due to its material usage, tho it looks european, the brick n red tiles used here makes it quite different than anything u can find in this region of the world.
i realized that ther are still many more things one can discover on this little island, just in architecture. many still in use today.

the other foto here is a temple, the only one tht i really remember goin to a lot with my family. tho we visit temples very rarely, this one is embeded in my memory. a very popular place too. lots of ppl going.
so on the day b4 my sister took my mom to the hospital, she asked us to visit the temple, taking the children too. the boys went wild running around in the space!

this is my beautiful and very caring sister. she's younger than i, but much more mature and caring. i was soooooo thoroughly impressed by her taking over the caring of my mom, handling of situations and ppl. and her thoughtfulness tht i cannot compare in any way. she has a beautiful soul. doing things i wish i could hv thought of or should b doing. taking care of my mom. it puts me to shame. i m a selfish child in contrast! very useless.

this is a sunset from the hospital hallway, looking out, at the city. altho taipei skyline is quite ugly during the day, dusk n nite lights changes all that.


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