gall bladder stone

the last few days hs bn a bit strange. spending time in a hospital that is so convenient tht i felt as if in a mall. it's got a very nice clean food court with 2 convient stores, book store, vitamin shop, shoe store, supply shop, gifts, n starbuck... n more.
each floor is set up w/a waiting area w/tv, n computer w/free online access! the nurses r very helpful n sweet n explains everything. wow, it's amazing experience for visitor n patient alike.
my mom has gall bladder stone, n it got infected or something the nite she was due to leave for the states. so now, i don't kno how long her n dad will b staying in town.
thnx to my sister, chris, who knos wht to do n more caring than i, she stuck around and stayed w/my mom, taking her to the hospital, etc. i can only sit around n hang out. get kicked out of the hospital, to go home n hang out w/my dad, who is really eager to leave town.
he's a well known doctor here, n i guess it's a bit embarrasin for him to b in the hospital, visiting his own wife. ppl's reaction is... what? his wife? how can a famous doctor's wife b in a hospital? dude! don't u kno? these things u still need western medicine to deal w... esp if ur wife wants morphine instead of needles, silly.

getting sick is no fun, i kno.
but if one can manage not to hv ur body operated upon, i guess it's better. according to chinese medicine's viewpoint of the body. once u cut, it b'comes a destruction on the structure or something.

just hv to take care of the body better.

so ther's natural remedies to passing even gall bladder stones, a combo of apple juice, lemon, olive oil, etc... everyone offers ths recipe up when they stop over to visit my mom.

wht about kidney stones?
i think i may hv a little... found it while i had the food poison, maybe it's gone alrdy tho.

our body is def very mysterious.

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