new pad!

so, i wnt to a roommate interview the nite b4 i took off to taiwan. i didn't think i wd get the space, but i did!!!! so i'm now moving into a new space, somewhere i've been wanting to live. it's within walking distance to THE GROVE in los angeles. almost west hollywood, but not quite. it's a very quiet neighborhood. i'll b living w/3 other prof girls around the same age group. it's rent controlled space, so my rent (430) didn't go up at all moving into this awesome spanish style duplex! and i'll b fairly close to K-town... yummy! can't wait! i wish i'd taken a foto of it to post... but click on the title above n u'll get the link to the grove to chk out wht i'm talking about!

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Simone said...

congrats! one of these days we have to come visit you.