autobiography of a simple man

couple of days ago, my dad's autobiography was published in taiwan. it has been a dream of his to write a book on his life and his work as a doctor. his life's journey thru his contact with people and patience, thru his medicine and philosphy. his introspection n retrospect while living the present. a combination of balance of energy, meditation, etc.
the writer he hired to edit his words is amazing, because sometimes, he speaks in very philisophical terms tht most of us, who has basic understanding of the language can't grasp.

it was a very good press conference. very good turnout of ppl. tho i'm a little disappointed at the ppl here in taiwan. their belief tht chinese medicine, a tradition with a history of 5000 yrs, cannot b as important as or relevant as western medicine, which, i must add, is still in its cradles. they're highly skeptical of the USC research results of our liver pill supplement. case histories to prove. but o well. it'll b a long time b4 ppl realize wht they'r missing.

we'll c how the book does.
hopefully ppl will read it n learn to take better care of their health.
i'm reading it now, discovering my dad from a different perspective. pretty cool.

i must also take this time to thank michael cuno, who's cover foto of my dad we used. actually, my dad's used this image over and over again in his press releases, advertisements, etc. ther hasn't ever been a foto taken of him tht portrays him as perfectly and naturally as the fotographs taken on this day several years ago, at the palm springs golf course.
thnx, micha!

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Simone said...

that's great. will there ever be an english version?