200% humidity!

photo comment, the beach view is of DaShi. the guy is my friend Neil. my little god-daughter/ niece (rene) and myself...

here i am in taipei... well, currently, i'm in taipei county, at my parents' mountain home (neihu). spent the day in DaShi (northeastern coast of the island, by the beach) anywher u go at this point, i guess, can b said to b hot n muggy. even at nite time, ther's no cool-down. u can just sit ther in the shade and sweat like nobody's business... which in turn attracts all these mosquito to bite me! alrdy got quite a few annoying bites to prove.
however, neil's beach house in DaShi had a really nice face-lift on the rooftop deck area. they did a really really nice job, it feels like we r ready to throw a nice weekend beach party soon. once the rains stop.
the waters were too flat to go surf in today, so no one wanted to go. i was totally fine by it, cuz it's way too hot n sticky to go out ther. and the sand sticks to ur skin like glue here. u don't even hv to touch the water n it stick to u. so i was only too happy to hang out on the shady deck with the fans blowing at us. and chat n exchange ipod music.

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