things to remember everyday: flossing, don't overeat, walk more.... smile, be forgetful. memory is over-rated.



well, most of my fotos taken from the trip is still inside my friend, Mark's computer. Mark, well, he's still on his "world" tour. He's now on the cruise thru the Nile River in Egypt, with our other travel companion, Angie. it's thanx to Angie who arranged the whole trip thru Europe. She and Shinae were responsible for the booking of train, flights and hotel/hostels thruout Europe. Then Mark will continue onto Asia w/his brother, and they won't b back in OC til August...
i guess tht's when i will hv the chance to post my fotos...?
ah well... i will try better nxt time, take my own things w/me. n not leave a trail behind.
v (^.^) v


home sweet home!

i'm finally home, and working again. after a long long trip out. it's so nice to b out and about that coming home seemed sweet n sad at the same time. i'm torn because when i'm in nyc, i miss it so much. when i'm here in california, seeing my family, i missed them too.
once i get all my fotos back from mark's (one of my travel frnds for europe) computer, i will load up some fotos to share with everyone. this will prob b in august, he's currently in egypt with angie (our other companion).