time to take off!

it's 5.30 am. i didn't sleep at all, was going to try when my alarm wnt off, good one. the sky is lightening up. i've packed and repacked my luggage several times, conflicted about what to bring n what not to bring along for this trip. since i'll b going from spring-like weather into summer heat. and then it's like 45 days of travelling in europe n then nyc. i just want to bring EVERYTHING! o well, i've tried, now ther's no more time to take out or add things. i'm gonna just keep it as is. i just don't like the weight.
time to get ready.
hope we don't hit traffic.
gotta pick up other frnds on the way to long beach airport (thank goodness it's not LAX)

just a bit worried about how fast we'r passing thru ea/place. i may just break away from group if need b.
gonna need a vacation from this trip in the end.

i will try to blog from my trip.
birds r chirping.

if anyone has suggestions for wher to go eat in london, paris, belgium, n any of the destinations we'r going thru, pls lemme kno. esp nice must-eat restaurants or places or hangouts or clubs or bars, etc.



Simone said...

don't go to Pisa in Italy. Too much traffic and it's a waste of time. Have fun!! Can't wait to hear about all your travels.

e.ku said...

ummmmm i dont see any BLOGGING!? ;-)