just a quick foto

i've been wanting to update my blog, but have been sort of lazy... i have dial up at my apt (lazy roommate) n myself, i guess. now i'm at home, with high speed, wow, i really appreciate it.
anyhoo, started working on another catalog project... planning my summer trip.
i will fly from Long Beach to nyc/ connecting directly to London. originally i wanted to go to nyc n spend a few days ther first, but i found out the Miten/Premal concert in LA falls on may 15th... i can make that! sorry, i will spend time in nyc on my return from europe in end of june.
from nyc in july, i was planning on going to egypt, but i hv to return to LA to work on another catalog :-( i do not want to work on it anymore, this project, but it's a stable income for me... so i can travel. o well.
when i'm done tho, i will get an asia pass to fly to, asia, of course, n travel around there, ending my trip in taiwan for a visit and work? maybe, open up a cafe with my girlfriends in taipei. idealy speaking, it will come true this summer.

----------i hear lots of ppl travelling this summer to europe?---------------

i hope we can somehow meet up. i will post my tentative schedules online next time.

-------- it's finally warmer & sunnier here now ----------

on bikes, how cute!

here's a foto i shot last week in the rain, isn't it cute? cops on bicycles!! what were they thinking of to ride the bikes on a rainy day? ppl don't know how to drive here when it rains!
this other foto is also in pasadena, this is the view from one of the office windows where i was freelancing.

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