may 16~july 10, 2005 summer travel plan!!!!

05.15, miten & premal concert in LA to start off my trip!
05.16. fly Jetblue from Long Beach to JFK, connecting on Virgin to London directly.
05.17. arrive in LONDON.
05.19. fly Ryan air to Berlin (never been ther b4)
05.21. train to Munchen
05.23. passing thru Köln (my ex-'s hometown, maybe i will visit)
05.23 arriving in Amsterdam (maybe david chi will come meet us ther to show us around town, PARTY!!!!) AVB,TIESTO, scumfrog, etc!
05.24. PARIS, i might stay here longer? maybe not, been here too many times.
05.27. Bordeaux
05.29 Madrid (hmmm, been here, not tht awesome compared to other towns in Spain)
06.01 Barcelona (fun town, maybe this time i will take the ferry to IBIZA!!!!)
06.03 Narbonne (where neil's ancestors r from)
06.04 NICE!!! (finally making it to this town for once)
06.06 passing thru Geneva (maybe not, too boring for me)
06.06 arriving in Lucerne (maybe)
06.08 Milan (thru Firenze) ok, this is one town in Italy i hvn't ever set foot in.
06.08 staying in Firenze, day trips to: Cinque Terre, Pisa, Spezia...
06.12 ending in Siena
06.14 back in Rome again...(maybe i'll go chk out Maggie's sister)
06.16 Naples (after tht brief visit 14 yrs ago! i'm back)
06.21 Budapest (was just here a few yrs ago, mayb it'll b nice to c it in summer instead of winter)
06.24 Salzburg thru to Vienna
06.27 Praha (or prague) party party
06.29 going back to London,
06.30 flying home to NYC, then staying w/frnds ther...
07.02 BLOCK ISLand here i come!
07.08 bck to NYC,
07.10 back to LA to work on nxt project
08.01 hopefully all will b done n back to TAIPEI!!!! (w/asia pass, visiting other parts of asia, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Bali, etc when i hv time outside of my plans to open our cafe n my own work)


just a quick foto

i've been wanting to update my blog, but have been sort of lazy... i have dial up at my apt (lazy roommate) n myself, i guess. now i'm at home, with high speed, wow, i really appreciate it.
anyhoo, started working on another catalog project... planning my summer trip.
i will fly from Long Beach to nyc/ connecting directly to London. originally i wanted to go to nyc n spend a few days ther first, but i found out the Miten/Premal concert in LA falls on may 15th... i can make that! sorry, i will spend time in nyc on my return from europe in end of june.
from nyc in july, i was planning on going to egypt, but i hv to return to LA to work on another catalog :-( i do not want to work on it anymore, this project, but it's a stable income for me... so i can travel. o well.
when i'm done tho, i will get an asia pass to fly to, asia, of course, n travel around there, ending my trip in taiwan for a visit and work? maybe, open up a cafe with my girlfriends in taipei. idealy speaking, it will come true this summer.

----------i hear lots of ppl travelling this summer to europe?---------------

i hope we can somehow meet up. i will post my tentative schedules online next time.

-------- it's finally warmer & sunnier here now ----------

on bikes, how cute!

here's a foto i shot last week in the rain, isn't it cute? cops on bicycles!! what were they thinking of to ride the bikes on a rainy day? ppl don't know how to drive here when it rains!
this other foto is also in pasadena, this is the view from one of the office windows where i was freelancing.