retrodating to WHISTLER, CANADA

i'm retro-writing my blog...
finally sitting down a little n collecting my fotos n thoughts.
these r a few of the fotos i manage to take for the trip to whister, canada.

the weeks leading up to whister trip, i've been working all day n all nites to finish the catalod design/ production deadline. by the time i'm done, it's 2am, my flt to whister leaves from LA at 7am... so i ran home, packed (basically stuffed everything i can remember into my bag) called for shuttle service, took a shower, n bam, the shuttle arrives at my door at 4am. no sleep.
i arrive at LAX, n it's ultra long line to go thru security! damn, no rest at all. 1 line after another, i shuffled thru along everyone else. apparently, most of ppl on this flt is going to whister, they all packed their gear. looks like i'm only one w/out gear :-(
anyways, i finally got to sleep a bit on the short 3 hr flt north. arriving ther, met up w/my frnds who rented a giant suv. our stop n go search for alcohol turns out to b pointless. they only sell at gov't specified or lisences liquor stores. so i kept taking tiny naps inbtwn t/stops. let's just say, i didn't catch anymore z's until after dinner n late drinking.
the nxt few days was all about the snow. i guess the 1 week rain recently washed away the snow. it's all icy n shit... i wiped out many times on the icy patches, ending up w/lots of bruises on my legs!!!! the best snow ths year is in northern cal!!! wht m i doing in canada? hahaha, but the resort is beautiful n convenient. no driving at all!!!! i had fun anyhow. i'm starting remember how to ski again. it's bn 7 yrs since i've ski'd. last time i was on the slopes was 2 yrs ago, attempting snowboarding.
here's me!

i'm happy.
wanna go again, this time, tho, i'd rather go northern cal.

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