a new sketch

last nite, i drew this. it's been a while since i made these drawings... i will try to color'em in later. maybe make larger painting... painting, i guess i hv to put that off until i come back from my travels in august?

i drove home to spend the weekend with my family, since i'll b working on-site all nxt week in pasadena, so had lunch with my brothers at a sushi place.
this is my lunch. yummy!!!! everytime when we talk about eating lunch, wow, i just wanna go ther, either shibusho or fukada for their udon n soba... man, m i turning into a japanese person? most of my diet is japanese!
altho costly, it's the best! yum yum!!!!

hmmm, what shall i do this friday nite? i don't really wanna party cuz sat nite i'm gonna go dance all nite at spundae alrdy, dj gabriel & dresden + dj christopher lawerence! wow, jam packed sat (birthday party during the day)... but what to do friday nite with my visitin frnds from taiwan? neil is in town....
one day at a time i guess, tmrw i will go do yoga in the morning. it's been a while since i did yoga, really miss it.


e.ku said...

yum! tho ur lunch looks a little blurry. :-) is this the japanese place you took me to? or the one we were going to go to until we found out it was closed?

mini spice said...

yup, it was the one that was closed on the day we wanted to go...
sorry u missed out, nxt time.