new book to read

this is a poet i hv fell in love with since last summer. thanx to a friend from US i met in taiwan (who by the way knew more about taiwan than i, for an american) we went to Page One in the tallest bldg in the world (for now) called Taipei 101. this is wher u can find all sorts of books published in english, chinese, japanese, etc! it surpasses barnes & nobles or eslit in taiwan. anyway, we exchanged authors and books we love and came away with Pablo Neruda! his book of love poems with pablo picasso's illustrations r amazing.

this new book is recently published with the entire collection of his work. it is amazing.


e.ku said...

i finally read neruda's twenty love poems and a song of despair this year. brilliant.

Roger said...

I guess you have watched "Il Postino" ("The Postman" in the US) where a simple Italian postman learns about friendship, poetry and love while delivering mail to Pablo Neruda.

A very good movie!