morning! podcasters!

good morning!
the sun is shining, n i'm up early, it's only 7.11 am right now! wow.
anyway, crashed really early last nite too, at prob 10 or 11? most likely 10, right after a heavy dinner, no good.
man, i need to loose a couple of pounds!
now that i'm up in alhambra so much, i miss going to yoga everyday!
really miss doing yoga, wht to do? chg studios? such a pain.
gotta work in pasadena today, nice change, since the drive thru downtown into west LA is such a painful experience. a mere 20miles will take nearly 1.5hrs! wow. i really wish ther's public trains i can take here to places.
nxt move i will move to a place near a metro station.
but i can c it's going to b a beautiful day. sun is out, no rain. slightly cloudy, but it'll blow over.
neil is coming to LA ths week, sometimes.
prob to visit his g/frd?
i will try to b better at updating my blogs...

elsewhere on the news...
ever heard of the latest POD news? KCRW is now podCASTING! it means u can take their programs TO GO! on ur players. it's awesome, since then i don't hv to hv my computer on to listen to my favorite radio station, n i can b anywhere in the world!

talk about the world... this may-july i will b travelling thru europe w/a few frnds, then back to nyc n hang out w/my frnds, then most likely, i will go to asia, hang out some more!
can't wait.

i guess i need to put my painting thoughts on hold.

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Simone said...

glad ur back on the blog. Every day I check and check and check and nothing. Now today. BAM, lots of posts.

I wish we had sunny skies here. Soon I hope :(