china, kunming trip...

should i go? my parents r going w/their frnd to kunming, china. invited me to tag along... should i go? it wd b nxt wed for 10 days!!!!


i miss nyc!

been watching a lot of tv, movies lately, everything is reminding me of how great it was to live in nyc! b'sides the cold, etc, i miss the fact that u can walk everywhere n visit ur frnds by taking the subway or bus, within small distances... i miss living in the city, a city where ther's everywhting to discover by just turning the corner!
i love it here in LA too, but i really miss the fact that u can get anywher simply by hopping onto the train!
traffic sux!


new book to read

this is a poet i hv fell in love with since last summer. thanx to a friend from US i met in taiwan (who by the way knew more about taiwan than i, for an american) we went to Page One in the tallest bldg in the world (for now) called Taipei 101. this is wher u can find all sorts of books published in english, chinese, japanese, etc! it surpasses barnes & nobles or eslit in taiwan. anyway, we exchanged authors and books we love and came away with Pablo Neruda! his book of love poems with pablo picasso's illustrations r amazing.

this new book is recently published with the entire collection of his work. it is amazing.


a new sketch

last nite, i drew this. it's been a while since i made these drawings... i will try to color'em in later. maybe make larger painting... painting, i guess i hv to put that off until i come back from my travels in august?

i drove home to spend the weekend with my family, since i'll b working on-site all nxt week in pasadena, so had lunch with my brothers at a sushi place.
this is my lunch. yummy!!!! everytime when we talk about eating lunch, wow, i just wanna go ther, either shibusho or fukada for their udon n soba... man, m i turning into a japanese person? most of my diet is japanese!
altho costly, it's the best! yum yum!!!!

hmmm, what shall i do this friday nite? i don't really wanna party cuz sat nite i'm gonna go dance all nite at spundae alrdy, dj gabriel & dresden + dj christopher lawerence! wow, jam packed sat (birthday party during the day)... but what to do friday nite with my visitin frnds from taiwan? neil is in town....
one day at a time i guess, tmrw i will go do yoga in the morning. it's been a while since i did yoga, really miss it.


retrodating to WHISTLER, CANADA

i'm retro-writing my blog...
finally sitting down a little n collecting my fotos n thoughts.
these r a few of the fotos i manage to take for the trip to whister, canada.

the weeks leading up to whister trip, i've been working all day n all nites to finish the catalod design/ production deadline. by the time i'm done, it's 2am, my flt to whister leaves from LA at 7am... so i ran home, packed (basically stuffed everything i can remember into my bag) called for shuttle service, took a shower, n bam, the shuttle arrives at my door at 4am. no sleep.
i arrive at LAX, n it's ultra long line to go thru security! damn, no rest at all. 1 line after another, i shuffled thru along everyone else. apparently, most of ppl on this flt is going to whister, they all packed their gear. looks like i'm only one w/out gear :-(
anyways, i finally got to sleep a bit on the short 3 hr flt north. arriving ther, met up w/my frnds who rented a giant suv. our stop n go search for alcohol turns out to b pointless. they only sell at gov't specified or lisences liquor stores. so i kept taking tiny naps inbtwn t/stops. let's just say, i didn't catch anymore z's until after dinner n late drinking.
the nxt few days was all about the snow. i guess the 1 week rain recently washed away the snow. it's all icy n shit... i wiped out many times on the icy patches, ending up w/lots of bruises on my legs!!!! the best snow ths year is in northern cal!!! wht m i doing in canada? hahaha, but the resort is beautiful n convenient. no driving at all!!!! i had fun anyhow. i'm starting remember how to ski again. it's bn 7 yrs since i've ski'd. last time i was on the slopes was 2 yrs ago, attempting snowboarding.
here's me!

i'm happy.
wanna go again, this time, tho, i'd rather go northern cal.

morning! podcasters!

good morning!
the sun is shining, n i'm up early, it's only 7.11 am right now! wow.
anyway, crashed really early last nite too, at prob 10 or 11? most likely 10, right after a heavy dinner, no good.
man, i need to loose a couple of pounds!
now that i'm up in alhambra so much, i miss going to yoga everyday!
really miss doing yoga, wht to do? chg studios? such a pain.
gotta work in pasadena today, nice change, since the drive thru downtown into west LA is such a painful experience. a mere 20miles will take nearly 1.5hrs! wow. i really wish ther's public trains i can take here to places.
nxt move i will move to a place near a metro station.
but i can c it's going to b a beautiful day. sun is out, no rain. slightly cloudy, but it'll blow over.
neil is coming to LA ths week, sometimes.
prob to visit his g/frd?
i will try to b better at updating my blogs...

elsewhere on the news...
ever heard of the latest POD news? KCRW is now podCASTING! it means u can take their programs TO GO! on ur players. it's awesome, since then i don't hv to hv my computer on to listen to my favorite radio station, n i can b anywhere in the world!

talk about the world... this may-july i will b travelling thru europe w/a few frnds, then back to nyc n hang out w/my frnds, then most likely, i will go to asia, hang out some more!
can't wait.

i guess i need to put my painting thoughts on hold.