happy new year!

this is dj tiesto,

i just saw him at the palladium (sold out show) for new year's eve! wow, was he amazing as usual!
i hope all the friends who were able to share this evening with me had fun too and thank u for coming out and dancing all nite w/me! it's been a while since i wnt all niter like this. brings back memories of dancing in good o'days!
wish u all a great new year!
and i hope 1 day to catch Tiesto in Concert in person! i saw snipets of it on dvd someone has & wow! was is awesome!
i wish i didn't miss his performance for the olympic opening ceremony! :(

light & shadow are the dances of love!
peace and my heart to the ppl of tsunami disaster. and my gratefulness to all the ppl who r ther w/their rescue and aide efforts.


e.ku said...

me? i was only interested in juliette lewis and the licks! they RAWWWKED!

Simone said...

is his last name Chu?