arcade fire!

my friends n i went to the Troubadours (a small but cozy venue in west hollywood) to c the sold out performance of Arcade Fire. wow! they were awesome! loved it. loved it. 2 other performers also opened for them, Owen Pallet (who's new album is called Final Fantasy) n some other guy we didn't like at all.


anna in the tropics

tonite, we, basically the dining club friends, went over to pasadena play house and saw ths play "Anna in the Tropics"

it's a very small cast/ crew, but wow, it was a very good play, we all enjoyed it very much. this is a very cute space too, built in the spanish settlement style. the bar is outside in the courtyard (altho it was really chilly tonite)...
at the end of the show, ther's a cigar roller rolling cigars, me n jimmy both got 1 for free! ther's also musicians playing cuban style music. i think this is the opening nite, not quite sure.


sun shining down on me!

wow! i cannot believe that having sunshine here is soooooooooooo important. everyone i talked to is so thoroughly affected by the last 2 weeks of rain. so happy today! even if it isn't warm at least the sun is shining!!!!! here's a beautiful tree, look at the clear blue sky, not a cloud in sight (for now).

in yoga practice today, we'r reminded of how lucky we r to b living, having wht we hv, here n now. i'm reminded of our luckiness that ther is not flood nor mudslide nor tsunami to deal with. n i c in color!


rain rain, wher is the sun hiding?

does this rain ever stop?
it's been rainy n gray since... FOREVER!
i kno i'm spoiled about this rain, but i live in southern CAL! it's supposed to b warm n sunny, not wet all the time! my brain is moldy w/rain. i can't even stand the sound of the rain anymore either! wow, this is crazy!
ok, so last week, b4 i head out to the CES show in Las Vegas, it cleared like for a little bit, n the sky near my parents' house in newport looked beautiful...

then, well, LVS was... rain/snow/gray, wet, cold for all of the weekend, i mean, it rained the four hours drive home too! it snowed on friday! i didn't kno LVS gets cold in the winter! wow!
it is still raining right now, as i'm writing this. it's driving me nuts! so, i thought i'd share some of this wet foggy weather foto too...

on liter note, here's a gallery where i saw some interesting snoopy paintings, so i snuck a foto in b4 the sales came by to tell me NO FOTOS! in a rather mean way.

maybe i'll do a rain dance or something, tho i doubt it's gonna work against the heavy clouds i c covering the planet...
it's the global warming isn't it?

alright, this wimp of a girl/princess monkey, is going to try to work a little.
btw, this is what the repackaging of my sister's skincare line ended up looking like, i think it's not too shabby... right? i know ther's room for improvement, as always... o well, it was time/ budget limits. i like it for now.

ok, maybe not work... it's tough when ther's so many things to catch up on. just downloaded some fotos from my camera, n guess this was taken last sept/oct, when i was in... guess wher?


happy new year!

this is dj tiesto,

i just saw him at the palladium (sold out show) for new year's eve! wow, was he amazing as usual!
i hope all the friends who were able to share this evening with me had fun too and thank u for coming out and dancing all nite w/me! it's been a while since i wnt all niter like this. brings back memories of dancing in good o'days!
wish u all a great new year!
and i hope 1 day to catch Tiesto in Concert in person! i saw snipets of it on dvd someone has & wow! was is awesome!
i wish i didn't miss his performance for the olympic opening ceremony! :(

light & shadow are the dances of love!
peace and my heart to the ppl of tsunami disaster. and my gratefulness to all the ppl who r ther w/their rescue and aide efforts.