i'm back

it has been a long break.
now i'm back on the scene, blogging again. and i just wanted to remind myself about something i heard on the radio, in case i forget, it's about ipod n something called pod casting.
n i can find the info on http://www.theworld.org
as for the rest, this is the end of the year, time has flew by me again, slipping away almost.
i ran into a friend i rarely c these days shopping at the south coast plaza (hmmmm, i always run into her ther every yr) n she was w/her sister n neices. my gosh, these two little baby girls i met when i was a teenager myself has now become teens. so tall n grown! made me feel quite AGED!!!!!!
so, what r we doing? y r we fighting over nothings when something like a simple earthquake is there to remind us, how fragile our lives on this planet r. n we sit here n fight btwn friends n family over things of very little importance, blown outta proportions by our daily dramas. hmmmmm.
anyways, i'm sitting here, n really wanna just take off to southeast asia to b part of the rescue team or the relief workers. not just donating money, but b ther in person to help....
------ in this time of great sadness, i just want to send out my heart to everyone------

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e.ku said...

i know what you mean. i have a great desire to join some relief effort in asia as well. . . . and it's such a message from nature, this disaster that has affected so many tens of thousands of people in so many different nations without regard. it makes the conflicts between people and nations seem somehow petty.