returning home

it has been a long time since i've let the dust settle around me and come home.
i believe other than small trips within the country (nyc & sf), i won't b going anywhere else until nxt year. need to work and live like a normal person again. however, if my work is done n someone passes me the travel bug, who knos what may happen! for now tho, i will catch up on frnds at home, work (far behind) and try to sort thru my fotos from travels and post it.
here's 1 shot i'm sure all can tell wher i wnt... but we got to touch the stones!

i will write more later on... it's been a LONG journey, inside n out. i'm still feeling out of place, out of touch, out of sync with myself.

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Simone said...

welcome back! but I can't see the picture. post them soon so we can all see ur travels.

So I guess no NY this yr? :(