super clean

wow, hot off the press in taiwan! this is the label design i did for my sister's company in taiwan. it's an organic dish wash detergent. i also designed the organic vegetable wash, that isn't out yet tho. i really like this! boy, i was sorta down on myself as a designer, but seeing a real product really makes my day! it's really awesome to c a final product, to know that it exist outside ur head and the digital realm, somewhere out ther, for others to c, touch...use.

now... which day is this?
i hvn't slept all nite, trying to finish this catalog. now i'm getting a little tired. its just that i feel as if ther's still a million other things that needs to b done... i need to b in taiwan soon (nxt week or wk'end) boy, how time flies by u.
i still have to buy my ticket for london and taiwan.
cindy and i r planning on paris after the nxt catalog (novemeber)
wow, lots to do.
time for a nap now tho, so i can wake up to go do yoga at 9am.
if i get all this done, maybe i can make it to sf ths wk'end... but then i wl miss my dinner club nite and denny's birthday.
but if i don't go, i'll miss out on hanging out w/frnds i hvn't hung out with in a while (also, jocelyn's birthday)
wow, lots of LEOs around me... yesterday was matthias', monday was cindy's, today is Katherine's & Denny's, friday is jocelyne & kathy's mom, sat is diane's... i kno Luca's is sometimes around now as well, too many to keep track of...
nap nap.


H3NR7 said...

That looks great Sophie! It looks so clean and refreshing.

Simone said...

I love it. Wish I could bathe with it! good job :)

H3NR7 said...

I'm want to squirt some in my mouth now.

mini spice said...

well, it is edible, hehe. thanx guys!