rainy days...

wow, 2 typhoons in a row!
look at the weather picture! 1 is leaving n the other is coming into town...

it's just raining away these last few days.
flooding everywhere.
wow is all i can say!
wet everything
wet everwhere
no school no work
stuck at home
wind blasting away
the flying away?


sux being air sign

libra=me! born air sign. i feel like air. floating, blowing, flying, constant motion. well, this thursday, i fly to taiwan again. this will b the third time i'm going there this year! phew! that's a lot.
but i'm all done with the catalog until oct/nov.
taiwan is waiting for me to finish the lunar calender.
dad is waiting for me to help him write his book.
all in all, i'm feeling a bit disconnected from me lately.
maybe it's just too much rushing around this summer to enjoy the environment around me. spend time w/ppl
lots of maybes.
many losses and change.
changing times
changing body.
changing emotives.
changing light.
but on another note: victor set up a msg board called ourish.com for our friends, etc. so i made a logo to go with it just for fun. i like it's cuteness!



super clean

wow, hot off the press in taiwan! this is the label design i did for my sister's company in taiwan. it's an organic dish wash detergent. i also designed the organic vegetable wash, that isn't out yet tho. i really like this! boy, i was sorta down on myself as a designer, but seeing a real product really makes my day! it's really awesome to c a final product, to know that it exist outside ur head and the digital realm, somewhere out ther, for others to c, touch...use.

now... which day is this?
i hvn't slept all nite, trying to finish this catalog. now i'm getting a little tired. its just that i feel as if ther's still a million other things that needs to b done... i need to b in taiwan soon (nxt week or wk'end) boy, how time flies by u.
i still have to buy my ticket for london and taiwan.
cindy and i r planning on paris after the nxt catalog (novemeber)
wow, lots to do.
time for a nap now tho, so i can wake up to go do yoga at 9am.
if i get all this done, maybe i can make it to sf ths wk'end... but then i wl miss my dinner club nite and denny's birthday.
but if i don't go, i'll miss out on hanging out w/frnds i hvn't hung out with in a while (also, jocelyn's birthday)
wow, lots of LEOs around me... yesterday was matthias', monday was cindy's, today is Katherine's & Denny's, friday is jocelyne & kathy's mom, sat is diane's... i kno Luca's is sometimes around now as well, too many to keep track of...
nap nap.


san francisco weekend...

i was in castro valley, visiting a frnd whom i met in pune, india. but i was cooped up in tht house more than anything. so...
then i wnt over to SF to c Cindy. it's her birthday weekend. she fed me great food. just in time for her infamous cooking nites. i had lots of fun. i'm reminded constantly that SF is one of the towns i wanted to move to... should i? maybe the timing is ripening soon.
anyways, i hope i can finish this catalog this week so i can go back up north w/my frnds here for jocelyn's birthday. and go c this show at the san jose museum of art: Yoshimoto Nara...


floating away

aiya, what am i doing sometimes? internet is a killer for my impulsive self. that side of me where i'm constantly looking to go go go... the internet easily aide in my going mood. so while i'm working on this catalog, i found an airfare (my passtime is to surf travel sites) for the weekend to come up to SF area... so here i am. what in the world am i doing here anyhow? i ended up lugging the computer here to cindy's to work...
ok, first day i wnt to stay with Kai. a frnd of mine i met in pune, india. i ended up spending a lot of time to myself, in his beautiful vegetable garden and catching up on long lost sleep. i guess that is good thing. i'm really glad to c the constructions plans he has for this old house. it's going to b a green housing. that is, environmentally conscious house and garden. boy, is there a lot of work to b done. i'm so glad tho that ppl r doing tht and b'coming more conscious of green housing. ther's so much u can do! all the possibilities!
because it's in constructions tho, i think it's better i go go go... to Cindy's in SF.
now i'm here...
tmrw i'm back in LA again...
will i finish the catalog in time????
my thoughts r constantly changing. i don't even kno myself of what i'm doing nxt. cuz ther's plans and then ther's sudden plans...


scattered to the winds

wow, i'm just all over the place! working and moving, and travelling coming up. is it cheaper to buy around the world ticket? since i'll b going to taiwan first, then to london to meet up w/some frnds. i think it's wiser this way. gotta look around. but first i hv to finish my catalog design, n go to taiwan, work some more deadline. meanwhile, i hope my new roommate will clean up the place so i can really live in ther, for now eveyr thing is in boxes.
gotta run, wl write in details later on when i'm not so tired.