always confused or am i?

just back from taiwan (well... a week ago today to b exact), but, first blog since i've returned tho! anyhow, i'm back, now i'm in a flurry of hurry to mk a decision about what to do again... i gave notice to my landlady, who's only giving til end of month to move out (plus n minus a few days) here's my delemma... i love pasadena, but it's expensive, and m looking for a place to perhaps buy (little place) tho tht takes time. i can move into a very inexpensive cute space in west hollywood for 680, 1 bdrm 1 bth, all to myself. or move into a share in pasadena, cuz my own place there wd cost about 1000 or so. crazy eh? considering it was so cheap to live ther only a few yrs back! during all this, i need to work on catalog deadline... my other option then is to move my stuff into a frnd's extra room for now til i get a chance to settle in later on in sept.? or even later...
what to do? i kno i won't b able to find a place to buy so quickly, but will it b a yr? cuz the hollywood apt is a yr lease.
dude, all these rambling thoughts in my head i just wanna sweep it out so i can think straight on my design work.
o well.
i will think about it all later?
or the decision wl b made somehow.
hopefully by chance.
it's my emotive vs logics fighting ea/other here.
wait n c who wins-la.

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