wedding at cataling room

a most fun time i've had at a wedding.
brian & christina
the newly wedded couple and their wedding party really made it great fun.
time sorta just passed us by so quickly. happy moment of friends coming together, for a ceremony, celebration, how rare of a moment is that, the coming together of so many people? i felt as if we were on a tropical island being outdoors like that and secluded from t/outside world of LA area. someone at table 2 (my table) found out that this used to b t/original sea world. amazing spot!

to c all of the fotos from my camera, u can visit these pgs:
Brian & Chris wedding foto page 1
Brian & Chris wedding foto page 2


e.ku said...

ooo. i've been there! the catalina room that is. tho it's more than a room i think. the parking lot is weird. it's got that abandoned look to it. anyway, that's a cool picture. did you tell him to move his head, or did he just happen to do that then?

H3NR7 said...

You & your hair look hot in the wedding photo. good job!
but I'll always love the long curly hair from the old SMP days.

mini spice said...

that is my plan tho, to regrow my hair out and curlz too!

e.ku said...

yeah. back when sea world was called marineland. it's funny how that parking lot looks like an abandoned lot. when we were pulling in i was like "what is this place? is it open?!"

Simone said...

yeah you look good here. I guess I do like the hair. YEY pictures!!