i spent yesterday in Magic Mountain, riding roller coasters! all to celebrate Kazumi's 31st birthday.
so fun! except the only things is the head gets knocked around quite a bit.
my frnd Matthias mentioned that he can feel he's getting older cuz after a whole day of such extreme treatment to the body, he was beginning to feel a little nauseated. i guess we r all gettin a little older... but not too much wiser.
well, i wish i m just turning 31 too! and they'r complaining. i'll b 35 soon myself!
does this mean no more partying?
michael asked me arn't i too old to b raving n such?
i'm beginning to feel i m, but i love dancing so much, wht do u do then? swtch to ball room dance? no way!
age is such a weird thing.
my dad said tonite tht since the passing of my grandpa, he's now the oldest of the family. becuz of tht, he suddenly feels very old. tht is very heartfelt n sad thought. to c him feel old...
no one wants to feel the mortality of their parents, neither do i.
watching them age, ther's a certain sadness i don't kno how to pinpt.
we r all getting older by the second, but the emotions r different. he's now the oldest of the oldest of the clan. and dat is a heavy wt on his mind n heart i bet. tho he's always held up the sky for the family, at least, he had a father to look up to. now... everyone looks to him n he's got no one above him...
anyway, this isn't any one thought can relieve the mind or the heart.
we'r just passing time thru this light to another light, hopefully with heart full of love.


e.ku said...

i don't think you're too old to be raving so much. what's the point of stopping? besides it's good for you cause its a workout! tho i dunno what the health effects of prolonged exposure to e or trance music is. ;-)

Simone said...

BAH. too old. thats ridiculous. You're never too old to do anything. enjoy life to the fullest, no matter what the age.

H3NR7 said...

age is a state of mind. but what does that mean? I guess it depends if you feel like you're just acting young instead of just being yourself. I've been having a lot of fun the past couple of weeks. so much fun that I'm just getting over being sick. but it's because it was non stop drinking and sleeping only 4 hrs a night. Party on Sophia! BAH, IN GERMANY DA PARTYING IS HARDER!

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