mumble jumble

hmmmm, where do i begin? i was going to mk a travel-logue here... but the last week, i've just sorta bn in n out of this place and ther tht i hadn't time, well, mainly energy, to write or organise my thoughts.
i arrived in taiwan with victor, and i sent him off today to LA... i wl b here til 8th of july, tho i'm not sure wht i'll do w/all this time alone here. hang out w/gangster frnds (brother's) or housewife frnds (sister's)??? or by myself with the mosquitoes. i did manage to kill two today, one had blood (mine) so we'r squared, the other was about to suck my blood, so i got her good!
hmmmm, i'm sleepy again, i can't believe how much the pollution n weather or something here is draining my energy! something is weird here.
typhoon is about to hit the island tho so it's bn really hot during the morning, n in t/afternoon ther'd b thunderstorm. thank goodness i bought some books today, in case i wl end up gettin stuck at home due to heavy rain... who knos.
during this 49 days of mourning, we'r supposed to go about life as usual, just no partying, major laughter, etc. tmrw nite, i wl break t/rules once, i wl go to ROOM 18 and dance a bit... tho i'm not sure if i really wanna go, cuz all ppl do ther is drink n drink some more. not really fun for me. maybe i can find an excuse out of not goin? wht i'd like to chk out is the MOS (ministry of sound) here in taipei.
alrt, i'm gettin really sleepy, wl post up the fotos i hv another day.....


Simone said...

A typhoon? Hm, everywhere you go-bad weather. But we still want u here in NYC ;)

e.ku said...

i want to go dancing! my cousin is leaving tomorrow for taiwan. or not if that tiefoon hits . . .

Anonymous said...

You will never change. Still the old Sophia.

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