flying during the peak season to taiwan from lax is always a bad idea. don't do it unless u hv to, like us, me n victor. the ticket is so damn expensive, n every single seat is filled, children screaming! and if u r planning on going econo class, like us, forget eva air, it totally sux big time! i guess i'd bn spoilt by singapore n other airlines... w/personal tv screens and better food overall, and better looking flt attendants, for sure! haha.
our flt was 5:30 and we arrived at the airport by 2pm, but u hv to go thru this security chk line for ur luggages b4 u can chk in at the counter. dat took us about +1 hr to go thru, so we weren't able to get hold of any asile seat... suckers! naturally i'm in the middle of people :-(
at least i was ther with my brother, another being to suffer w/me, haha.

b;cuz of the flt tho, i got a chance to read the book my frnd lent me, THE GOLDEN COMPASS, by Philip Pullman. i love it, now i'm hooked on reading the nxt book in the series.i think so far, i'm liking it more than harry pott-head.

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e.ku said...

that's funny. harry pott-head. and if you were in the center and were there with your brother wasn't he in the aisle? oh. unless they had those five across seats. it'd suck getting stuck in the middle of one of those. :-(