my conflicts

i hv just read the FOUR AGREEMENTS.
i find it something i can digest quite well, what it's saying.
it's very similar in wht i think, at least some of it.
it points out to me things i think is very powerful... yet not an easy task to achieve.
being impeccable with my words, being aware of the magic (black or white) it weaves over people.
not taking what is said against me personally,
and all tht... well, some of it i can manage. but a portion of it bugs me... how can i not b judgemental on people when i can't follow thru here...
i don't wanna judge her for her actions, but she hurt me personally... is this being too harsh?
cuz i m conflicted about how to achieve this.
since i m not talking to this psycho chick anymore.
this is my conflict.
i'm almost tempted to b friendlier again.
but my brother and friends r right, some people should just b cut from our lives.
i watched count of monte cristo.
n i realized, i can't really b so naive anymore about ppl and their INTENTIONS.

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